About us


Our leader is Matías Birrell, one of the Directors of Goldratt Group in Latin America.

He gathered a team of seasoned programmers to produce a web based solution for manufacturers that wouldn't consider a full transformation project to start with, and instead would like to explore freely The Goal ideas before embracing a major change.

OTIF100 is the perfect solution to try the innovative approach of Goldratt Theory. Configuration takes less than one hour to start producing the right signals in your production plant. This is the best way to experience in a short time what the power of systemic thinking applied with TOC is.

This full online solution can help increase productivity in few weeks and when you  consider expanding the scope, we will be thrilled to contact you with Goldratt Group, the leading organization in the world to apply TOC in a comprehensive program, where most of the fees are subject to realized results.

Our Team