Detailed Description of Files for Uploads


                        Production families are the groups of SKU according to different buffer times.


                        Production family: name or code chosen to distinguish a group of products with the same production buffer.

                        Buffer: number of working days before due date to release an order.

                        Products / SKU

                        SKU - stock keeping unit is the unique denomination for a product.


                        Product SKU: the code or description

                        Production family: family assigned to the SKU.

                        Optional columns (only for Load Control):

                        Parts per hour CCR: there are six of these, to allow from one to six resources that could dictate flow. See more in knowledge base.

                        Non working days

                        Calendar of non working days for all calculations because release dates and promised delivery dates must consider only working days.


                        NWDS: dates for non working days.

                        Description: explanation to know why that date is a non working day.

                        Work Orders

                        This is the file to upload regularly, at least once a day, to keep track of production.


                        WO ID: Identification of the work order.

                        Product SKU: the SKU to be produced.

                        Product description: a custom description of the product. Very handy for generic products with specifications that may vary. For example: a door with different measures.

                        Customer: optional for customer or sale order or another identification of a group of work orders.

                        Due Date: promised delivery date. It is mandatory.

                        Actual Release Date: for orders that are already being processed, what date was the release to the floor. Empty if not released yet.

                        Quantity: the total quantity or, if preferred, the pending quantity. This column is optional, nothing is done with this number.

                        Work center: optional to indicate where a released order is now.

                        Optional columns (only for Load Control):

                        Qty before [1-6]: six columns to indicate quantity still not processed by the corresponding resource. Report zero if the SKU doesn't go through that resource.

                        Stock buffer: it is zero for MTO orders. When you load this column with positive values, OTIF100 understands that order is MTA.

                        On hand: only for MTA orders, showing the stock position of the SKU.

                        Template for automatic update via SFTP