Find your way to 100% OTIF

The reasons to fail delivering 100% on time in full are mostly your daily decisions in production.

OTIF100 is an addon compatible with ANY ERP

What means managing production?

Managing is simply making decisions to achieve your goal. I will assume that your goal is the best possible service to your customers at the lowest possible cost.

Decisions are made based on assumptions about what causes what. When our assumptions are flawed, our results are poor... there is a huge opportunity to improve results!

.Most of the manufacturers in the world share a set of assumptions that may be outdated. OTIF100 helps simplifying decisions introducing a new set of assumptions.

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Odoo • Image and Text

What is it all this about?

A new set of assumptions is a different hypothesis of how the world works. In this case, production capacity may depend on different things than you thought, so a complete new theory of how to manage production can be established.

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What else can you do with 100% OTIF?

When most manufacturers are delivering less than 85%, providing certainty builds a reputation. It builds an advantage. It provides leverage to continue building your company on solid grounds. Asks us, we have the experience across several industries in the last two decades.