Where conventional wisdom fails...

Theory Of Constraints -TOC- is the body of knowledge created by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, author of the best selling business novel:

Dr. Eli Goldratt has been proclaimed “a business management guru” and “a genius.” He was many things – an educator, a physicist, a theorist, and a visionary. For us, he was a mentor and a leader in many successful implementation projects in several countries.

We have had experience first hand increasing productivity to more than double in some operations. In more than 15 years of experience, every time that these ideas were put into practice, the results were beyond expectations.

OTIF100 is a simple application that helps any manufacturer to design the daily decisions based on The Goal ideas.

To manage production you only need to know what order should be processed and  when... the expertise to process the raw material into finished products is all yours: let OTIF100 to help you decide how to use your resources and your productivity will boost up to incredible levels.

For a major intervention, Goldratt Group is the best choice.